Bringing Revenue-Generating Mobile Data Solutions to Operators.

Pioneering Mobile Data
Experienced from Telia, Sendit, Microsoft and Ericsson we decided to create MobilityWorld. Focusing on smart and cost effective solutions our mission is to find products and solutions that contribute to the operator's success.

Automatic Device Management (ADM)
A fully Automatic Activation, Provisioning and OTA Device Configuration platform. ADM Enables new revenues instantly and significantly reduces data customer care needs.

800% MMS/GPRS traffic growth in 2,5 months! Case Study

Picture Messaging / Multimedia Messaging
A full-fledged MMS solution that gives the same functionality as MMS solutions from the big vendors for between 1/4 and 1/3rd of the price.

Other Products and Solutions

Below are some examples of MobilityWorld's other offerings, everything we represent provide an excellent price performance ratio.

  • Convergent Billing (Basset)
  • World Class 2 Mb Probes for SS7 monitoring at an extremely competitive price (Approx 25 000 USD/ Probe)
  • Remote and Wireless monitoring/tracking solution with police/guard dispatch system (I.e. home alarms, personal alarms, remote location industry alarms, vehicle tracking with GPS. Very affordable solution.
  • The full Basset Revenue Management portfolio (Fraud, Roaming, Billing etc)

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