Automatic Device Management (ADM)

800% MMS/GPRS traffic growth in 2,5 months!

Automatic Device Management / Configuration makes the whole OTA (Over The Air Activation) process a 100% automatic. ADM Enables new revenues instantly and reduces data customer care needs significantly.


  • Increased Revenue
       All devices that can be configured will be
       More MMS and GPRS traffic (+800% in 2,5 months)
  • Customer Care
       Reduced support need since all devices are configured    automatically
       Superior interface for customer care limits the need for    education
  • Identification of 99.9% of all terminals in the network.

Performs provisioning in MMS-C and other nodes

In Short the Device Management solution

1. Detects new terminals in the network, real-time via probes
2. Provisioning in MMS-C and other nodes
3. Sends welcome message informing subscriber of new possibilities with their new device, i.e. MMS, GPRS
4. Sends configuration SMS
5. Sends welcome MMS

If a subscriber moves their SIM to a new device the process above will automatically be activated again.

The solution uses probes and directly monitors the SS7 trunks which means that the system also provides the operator with full real time control over exactly what handsets and their capabilities they have in their network, graphical user interface for customer care etc. It also provides efficient data to work with various fraud and marketing scenarios. This is no doubt the best and most intelligent OTA++ solution on the market.

The World Class Device Management, consists of the following components:

  • Device Detection Module (probes+SW)
  • Provisioning Module
  • Device Configuration Register, with frequent updates (database and provisioning)
  • OTA platform
  • Built in SMS-C


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