Picture Messaging / Multimedia Messaging

A full-fledged MMS solution that gives the same functionality as MMS solutions from the big vendors for between 1/4 and 1/3rd of the price.

Finally MMS becomes available to everyone.
During my previous employment with Ericsson I discovered that there was a demand for a cost effective MMS solution. We have now put together an MMS solution that dramatically lowers the initial investment and is especially targeted to smaller and mid size operators. The MobilityWorld MMS Solution starts at roughly 200 000 USD. We also offer an ASP (hosted solution) with a very low start up fee.

The MMS solution is proven. The solution is highly scalable with high availability featuring GRID architecture. The license model is superior to many other vendors allowing up to 25 MMS sec peak hour in base license. References: Sony Ericsson and Telia.

The MobilityWorld MMS Solution, benefits:

  • Flexible Business Model
  • Smaller initial investment and lower cost of ownership
  • High peak our traffic included in license
  • Could be implemented in short time with short notice
  • Low expansion and upgrade costs, SW upgrade included in support
  • Built In WAP GW included

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